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BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT DIVISION (BDD) of Anjuman-e-Shiate Ali under the auspices of Al Tijaarat Al Raabehah and Burhani Mohalla Tanzeem Committee organised a seminar on Basic Principles of a Partnership (understand the principles of shariat mohammediyah) and Household Budgeting on Wednesday, 23rd January 2019 at Taheri Hall, Khokha Bazar.

The main speakers at the event were Janab Ammar Bhaisaheb and Shk. Abizer Bhai Patanwala. Mumineen of Burhani Mohalla attended in large numbers, with the special invitees. All have greatly appreciated the contents, speakers and the organisation of BDD. The packed Hall and the enthusiastic response, in addition to the feedback from the participants, indicated that the Seminar was a very well received one.

Ammar Bhaisaab Explaining The Basic Principles of a Partnership, topics that were covered are as follows:

• Introduction
• According To ShariatMohammediyah
• Partners and Mutual Agreement
• Formation, Raza and Registration
• Permissible Practices
• Capital Investment and Share of Ownership
• Sharing of Profit and Loss
• Liabilities and Debt
• Rights and Decision Making
• Dissolution of the Partnership
• Dispute Resolution

Shk. Abizarbhai Patanwala explaining the concept of Household Budgeting, topics discussed is as follows:

  • What is Household Budgeting
  • Classification of Budget
  • Importance of HH Budget
    • Future Oriented
    • Ensures you don’t spend money that you don’t have
    • Helps you prepare for emergencies
  • Budgeting Process
    • Set Your Goals aside very wisely

  • Budgeting for Income
  • Budgeting for Expenses
  • Tracking the Budget
  • Things to Remember
    • Inflation
    • Continuously review the budget
    • Avoid borrowing as far as possible

  • Barriers to Family Budgeting

Burhani Mohalla Amilsaab thanking the speakers for their inputs, thanking the audience for attending the seminar, in large numbers and lastly the organiser Business Development Division (BDD) of Anjuman-e-Shiate Ali.

Very Well attended by mumineen of Burhani Mohallah

May Allah Subhanahu Grant Long and Bountiful Life to our beloved Aqa Maula Dr. Syedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS till the day of Qayamat.


Business Development Division
Of Anjumane Shiate ali
Under the auspices of AL Tijaraat AL Raabehah had organized the E-Commerce Workshop on 5th January 2019 at the Burhani College, Mumbai – 10.

Mr. Hasanally Kathawala of Think Big Consultant conducted the workshop well attended by 31 participants. He laid the foundation with basics on marketing, built upon with practical demonstrations of the various platforms for digital selling and ended with actual procedure of listing on Amazon Sellers Market Place.
The entire workshop was very interactive, lively and full of interesting discussions. The organizers are thankful to the speaker and all participants for making this event a great success

May Allah Ta’ala grant long and healthy life to our beloved Aqa Maula TUS. Ameen
28th Rabiul Aakhar, 1440
Mumbai, India

GST Seminar

Business Development Division BDD Of Anjuman-E-Shiate Ali Under the auspices AL-Tijaarat AL- Raabehah had organized a Seminar on GST for Mumineen Professionals and Entrepreneurs at Burhani College, Mumbai – 10.

This session marked its opening by BDD Core Committee Member C.A. Shk. Abizerbhai Patanwala and further addressed by two eminent speakers.

C.A. Huzefabhai Mala stormed the lecture room by his rigour and zeal while convering E-way bill, a much simpler topic to say, with such complex nature of transactions and various permutations and combinations that all professionals and entrepreneurs were taken by utter surprise towards the intricacies involved in the subject. Further he continued with TCS provisions for EComm businesses and recent notifications which were notified in 31st GST meeting.
Our second speaker was C.A. Mr. Jignesh Kansara who flooded the lecture room with his practical experience while covering topics of Composition Schemes and various models of E-Comm businesses. This gave our audience insight into ways on how they can take forward their regular businesses.
We also had C.A. Murtazabhai Kachwala, first Muslim C.A. to ever contest and win the election at (WIRC) Western India Regional Council of (ICAI) The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. BDD Core Committee Members appreciated his presence and felicitated him with a small token of love and blessings, on behalf of all.

BDD with its never tiring endeavors stays committed to do all for the upliftment of Mumineen for Khushi n Dua Mubarak of Aqa Maula TUS.

29th Rabiul Aakhar, 1440
Mumbai, India

The Business Development Division (BDD) of Anjuman-e-Shiate Ali under the auspices of Al Tijaarat Al Raabehah is organizing the following events.

1. E-Commerce Workshop –
How to make Social Media work for you?
Paid Workshop

2. GST Seminar –
Highly informative Seminar on GST, important topics covered like GST Audit, GST Refunds, and GST Composition Scheme.
Free Seminar

“So book your weekend with Business Development Division”

GST Seminar link:

E-Commerce Workshop link:

The Business Development Division (BDD) of Anjuman-e-Shiate Ali under the auspices of Al Tijaarat Al Raabehah organised Saifee Burhani Expo on 25th November 2018 Sunday at Raudat Tahera.

Aqa Maula TUS karam ane Ehsan Farmavi ne sagla 26 stall par padhara ane mumeneen na products par nazar mubarak farmavi.

Sadaat kiram bhi sagla stall par padhara ane mumeneen na wepaar na umur ma nazar farmavi

May Allah Subhanahu grant our beloved Aqa Maula TUS long and bountiful life till day of Qiyamat Aameen

The Business Development Division (BDD) of Anjuman-e-Shiate Ali under the auspices of Al Tijaarat Al Rabehah organised a seminar on “Business Ethics” on 11th November 2018 Sunday at Jai Hind College auditorium, Churchgate

The main speakers at event were Janab Ubai bhaisaheb , Sk.Abizer bhai Patanwala and Sk.Shabbir bhai Bundiwala. Kasre Aali, Kothar Mubarak and Ummal Kiram attended in large numbers and greatly appreciated the efforts and organisation of BDD.

The packed auditorium and the enthusiastic response and feedback of the participants indicated that the Buisness Ethics Seminar was well received.

May Allah Subhanahu Grant Long and bountiful life to our beloved Aqa Mola Dr. Syedna Ali Qadar Mufaddal Saifuddin SahebTUS till day of Qayamat